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    Style, and what never goes “out”

    Guest Post by Gail.

    Bell bottoms, cropped, tapered, leggings (don’t get me started on leggings, at least not now). Styles come and go, in today, out tomorrow.

    But there are things that NEVER go out of style. Ooh you think, what could that be? Anoraks? MooMoos? Jellys? Dickies (not going there).

    Good grooming. Never goes out of style. Nowadays, I’m sure there are a bevy of womenfolk looking at the menfolk thinking, “love to donate a razor, pair of scissors, and perhaps a good scrubbin’”.

    My Father-in-Law at 92 years old, still woke up each morning and did his daily grooming. We lost him in December, but even that day he was wearing a crisp clean button down, ready to seize the day. He was one classy guy. Always clean shaven, with his few hairs combed to perfection and clothing that didn’t scream, “Hey, look at me, I’m going to spend the day on the couch”. I’m not saying that the few days of beard growth isn’t good looking on a Hemsworth, Eastwood (S.), Gosling etc. I’m just saying pride in appearance is a very desirable trait. And never giving someone else the opportunity to think, “I wonder when he/she last saw the inside of a shower stall…”

    Growing up, my father, also a clean and classy guy, always encouraged us to “dress the part”. He said when I was going to take an exam, “Dress up, you’ll sit up straighter and think more clearly”. There’s truth to that (of course back then I looked at him like he was crazy). Have you ever needed to just run to the store, looking like the Peanuts character, “Pigpen”, thinking, I’ll just zip in and out and hope that I don’t see anyone I know. And you always do.

    Make the extra effort, first thing in the morning, to get “ready for the day”. Then you’re all set, you’re in control, cool and classy. It really will improve your posture. When you feel proud of yourself, you walk straighter, hold your shoulders back and hold your head high.

    Hate “getting ready”? Make it better. As in my last post, “You have to live in your own mind, make it a nice place”, use the tools you have: play music, sing, do a little Mambo (not when applying mascara), listen to talk radio, or NPR, have Good Morning America playing in the background, whatever lets you slide into the land of the living with a smile on your face.

    Ladies – hair, nails, makeup, clothing, I’m not saying never be casual, I’m just saying be spiff. Oh, and in my humble opinion, I’d rather see no nail polish at all than the “I painted my nails a month and a half ago, and this is what’s left of it” look.

    Gents – if you want to be “one of the guys” and rock the man bun (scrunched up face emoji) and a scruffy, too long beard to show the world you can, at least be clean and don’t make the ladies wonder whether you’re single handedly bringing back hair pomade and brylcreem or if your hair and a daub of shampoo haven’t met in awhile. And if you’re one of those guys who dares to be different, shave or trim and groom, you will have a better chance at melting a lassie’s heart.

    Get up, Dress up, Show up..!



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    Bringing back the “Laura Petrie” Pant

    The other day I was shopping with my mom, I tried on some pants that were so cute, coincidentally I also had on flats and a cardigan…Mom said, “you’re wearing Laura Petrie pants”. I didn’t quite know what she meant by that so I whipped out my handy dandy handy (in Germany the youngsters call a cell phone a handy!) and googled it up…turns out that she was correct, I WAS wearing Laura Petrie pants…Ha!
    The actress, Mary Tyler Moore, played Laura Petrie in the Dick Van Dyke Show (1961-1966). The classy, fun loving and witty lil’ lady rocked these pants, fitting of the 60’s! Funny how style goes because Laura Petrie pants are totally ‘in’ now!
    Here are a few different ways to style your Laura Petrie pants…
    They look great with flats and a button up blouse, or a light sweater for a more casual look or my favorite, a blazer and sparkly flats!
    I think Mary would approve!
    Try the look and let us know how you style Laura Petrie pants!
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    Feeling “Thrifty”

    I know, I know, you’re probably thinking…”ick” they want me to go to a thrift store…but just wait, you can find great things at the thrift store for great prices, and mixing ‘pre owned’ pieces with new ones can be just the ticket for the “budget” conscious. I have had some great finds at thrift stores, here’s what I’ve learned
    1.Location, location, location– think about where the store is. Is it in an uppity area where people tire quickly of ‘old’ items? Visit thrift stores in the high rent district, around universities and maybe even in resort towns, apparently the thrift stores in Jackson Hole, Wyoming are out of this world!
    2. Check brands– If you’re intrigued by an item but are unfamiliar with the brand, google it. I have found some great “designer” items that I didn’t know were designer until I googled them!
    3. Try things on!…Thrift stores often have strict return policies (if any) Try items on, make sure they fit, and then think about what you can pair with them that you already have, if you have at least three different combinations you can make! GET IT!
    4. Clean it! Once you get it home, wash it, clean it, vaccum it! Most stores clean clothes before they get them but it feels more like your own after it’s washed and worn by you!
    5. Keep looking, don’t look for anything specific, go in because you’re in the neighborhood and don’t get discouraged if there’s nothing good this time. Pop in from time to time and see if there something you can’t live without!
    Tweet to us or instagram a pic @peanutbutterandjellychronicles of your recent thrift store finds!
    Happy Shopping
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    Why we love appetizer parties

    We love having friends over, and have been known to go a little over the top. But, you know, you can end up overwhelmed and recovery takes a while before you’re ready to do it again. Recently we’ve discovered you can have just as much (if not more) fun if you have friends over for a casual appetizer party. Here’s how it works;  call up some girlfriends, pick three or four different and easy appies, pop some bubbly and let the fun begin!
    When choosing our appies we typically choose 1 thing that ‘s healthy, such as a fruit or veggie platter with hummus or honey yogurt dip. But don’t do all the peeling and chopping, pick up bags of peeled carrots, grape tomatoes, and cut broccoli. That way you account for various dietary needs and won’t stress that the vegans aren’t getting fed!
    Then we ALWAYS have some sort of cheese, cheese is great because most people like it. Lately we’ve been getting cheese curds from Beechers, so tasty and they require no cutting, only toothpicks which means easy clean up, plop them in a nice bowl and serve! Simple right?
    Next we opt for something hearty! Typically our “hearty” fare comes from the frozen section at Trader Joes. We love thinking outside the box (well, I guess in this case, it’s inside the box!) by choosing some sort of “international” flavor such as chicken shu mai, potstickers, perogies or chicken tika masala! Warming these tasty morsels usually takes all of 3 minutes (and they come with dipping sauce!)
    Lastly, how about a nice dish of almonds or cashews to nibble on. Your party can be set up in less than 20 minutes, no dishes, only toothpicks and a stack of napkins. Then your job is to just chill out, have some awesome drinks and chat away! Low stress, High Fun Factor! Hopefully some good laughs too!
    Let us know what your fave appies are!
    Thanks to @brookelark for the awesome photo
    Happy Eating!

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