50 things that make us happy!

Because we’ve been feeling like life is really, really good, we’re sharing with you 50 things that make us smile!!

1. That first cup of morning coffee

Thanks, Jametlene Reskp for the photo!

2. Puppy’s (always make anyone smile)

3. Sunflowers

4. Jade Roses

5. Little kid hugs

6. Spotting a deer

7. Going to bed with freshly washed sheets!

8. Watching a Gossip Girl Marathon

9. Joel Kanitz’s voice (if you don’t know who this is…you NEED to…voice of an angel!)

10. Driving down the Pacific Coast Highway on a perfect day

11. Country music sing-alongs

12. Watching it snow (not this time of year…but in the winter)

13. Hanging out with our girlfriends

14. Christmas Dinner

15. Getting a new pair of shoes

16. Getting a cute text

17. Eating a box of French Macarons in the bubble bath with Chardonnay ala Ms. Blair

18. Discovering a new recipe

19. Tom Ford scents

20. Getting the newest issue of Instyle magazine

21. Receiving a compliment

22. Finding the perfect gift for a loved one

23. Getting invited to a party! (always exciting especially when you usually host!)

24. Sunshine when rain was predicted

25. Freshly clean and waxed car!

26. Making eye contact with a cute stranger

27. Pilates

28. Feeling like you could run forever

29. Freshly painted toes

31. A really good glass of rich, smooth Cabernet

32. Finding your favorite jeans at half price

33. Finding money in your pocket when you go to do the laundry

34. Getting a handwritten letter in the mail

35. The smell of freshly cut grass

36. Eating peanut butter right out of the jar!

37. A book you can’t put down

38. Filet Mignon

39. Silk robes

40. Baby chicks

41. Friday nights

42. Smell of the air after a spring rain

43. Rainbows

44. Paris…everything Paris

45. Receiving a beautiful bouquet

46. Watching Dynasty on the telly

47. In our crazy world finding out that Gentlemen still do exist!

48. Playing Scrabble with funny people

49. Harvesting crops from the Garden that you’ve grown

50. Reading comments from people on our blog

That’s 50 things that make us smile! Leave us your comments and tell us what your top 10 are! Have a phenomenal day!