Spending time outside cultivating something beautiful is good for the soul! Tori is a landscape architect by education, and has some wonderful tips for creating a garden you can enjoy!

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    Planting Ranunculus in October!

    Ranunculus are such a beautiful choice of flower, and Fall is the ideal time to plant! You can plant your Ranunculus every year and it’s nostalgic. You all know tubers, bulbs, and seeds, but with ranunculus, we have “corms!”

    Be sure to soak them in water for a few hours before you plant them, and then when you plant them in your well draining soil, make sure that you send the little foot like piece downward because it will be the root of the beautiful plant!

    You can plant your ranunculus corms in early autumn, and in zone 7 and up you can overwinter them outdoors (though you may need a frost cloth). If your zone is 6b or below, as many of our readers, then you’ll want to grow them in a hoop house, or wait until those dramatic cold temps are finished, so you’re looking at early spring.

    When you’re ready to plant, soak them in water for about 4 hours (not longer, because you don’t want them to rot!)

    You should plant them 9 inches apart and about 2-3 inches deep!

    Happy Gardening!