Tips to Keep your Manicure from Chipping!

Lately, I’ve been really into neutral nail colors, they’re versatile, classic, and don’t show chips as well (I’m a stickler for good-looking nails without chips). I’ve been painting my nail since I was about 12, and I’ve learned a thing or two to keep them from chipping! 

Essie Colors listed in in photos: 

Without A stitch 

Feeling Wellies

Bare With Me

Private Weekend

Wild Nude

Hubby For Dessert

Here is what I have learned: 

  • The shorter the better, I usually cut my nails just to the tips of my fingers, which leaves plenty of nail for color and less area for chipping! 
  • Use good quality polish, my personal favorites are Essie and OPI- they usually only require one coat but I typically do two since I’m a sucker for nice nails
  • If you like, use a neutral color, that way if your nails do chip, it will be less noticeable! This is also a great choice for travel- since a nice manicure always goes great with a vacation (and all your Instagram worthy photos!)
  • Top with a clear coat for extra protection and shine! 
  • Don’t rush and shake between coats for optimum coverage. 

Best ‘at home’ manicure ever- #nailedit