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To Wine or Not to Wine?

Need a fun weekend activity? How about throwing a wine tasting party? It’s so much fun and obviously contains lots of….Wine-ing!!!

Thanks, @kelseychance for the photo!

We began by inviting 4 friends…totaling (8 people..4 couples!) and had each couple bring a bottle of wine wrapped inside a paper bag, Each bag was then given to 1 person (the sommelier) for the evening and the fun began!!

What you need…

  1. FRIENDS…preferably ones that like wine might be a plus!
  2. 1 friend designated as the “sommelier” they won’t be as into the tasting as they’re somewhat “working” but they can still play along
  3. printable “tasting” notes cards…find one on the internet or make it up..!
  4. Snacks…! cheese platter, grilled meat, and my all-time favorite, smashed potatoes (scroll down for recipes!)

Viola, that’s it! All that must be done now is copious amounts of wine must be consumed, laughter must ensue and snacks must be eaten…I would say that’s an evening well done, don’t ya think?

Stay classy!