Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs!

Don’t you just LOVE Easter? It’s one of the very best weekends of the year. It’s all about rebirth and renewal, thankfulness for our beautiful word! In preparation for a great weekend packed with egg hunts, treats, Easter baskets and more, we made naturally dyed Easter eggs! ????????This was a first try, and we must say, we were happy with the results! The colors came out well, so lovely and pastel.

To make them yourselves add the following to 2 cups of water and 1 tsp of salt!

Blueberry ???? 2 cups boiled (These were our fave!)
Yellow onion ???? 2 cups boiled
Coffee ???? just black coffee
Beet ❤️ a cup of juice and a tbsp vinegar
Turmeric ???? 2 tablespoons ground

The best thing about naturally dyed Easter eggs is that if you decide you’d like to eat them, then you have no worries about only good things being inside! If you make these, be sure to tag us on instagram so that we can see and comment! We are @northwestfavorites. Happy Easter You Guys!!

Here is a little video of us making these fun Easter eggs!